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you asked, i answered

I truly believe there’s really no such thing as a stupid question, but for the sake of brevity I’ve chosen to list a few of the most common queries I tend to receive. It would be impossible to respond to each small inquiry that graces my inbox; but, if you cannot find an answer to your question you are welcome to politely email me to inquire and ask.

  • When are you available?

    I do my best to be flexible (in many ways) for respectful inquiries, but I highly suggest pre-booking our rendezvous at least 48 hours in advance. If you are someone who is unsure of their schedule ahead of advance, pre-screening is a great option. My tours often book up early with regular suitors, so I recommend subscribing to my NEWSLETTER for early tour date announcements to ensure we are able to meet.

  • Do you host incalls?

    Yes, in Chicago I host from my private incall. While on tour, I only stay in discreet, 4+ star hotels. I am also happy to arrange a hotel if you have a preference, provided you cover any additional expenses.

  • Can I request an outfit?

    I do my best to accommodate outfit requests, but I cannot guarantee that I have outfits not shown in my photos. You are welcome to send a gift card or purchase items to bring along to our date if you wish to ensure I can fulfill your fantasies.

  • Why do I have to pay a deposit?

    Deposits merely solidify your honest intention to meet. Ensuring my time is respected and appropriately compensated should you need to cancel allows me to prepare my best self for our date. Deposits are not a substitute for screening, and I require both from all first time suitors.

  • Do you see women?

    Yes! I am an unabashed bisexual and love to play with women.

  • Are you kink friendly?

    I consider myself to be an open minded woman, provided that consent reigns supreme during our escapades. Please respectfully communicate your requests in the booking process, and I will choose to accept at my discretion. Though I may not be the right fit for your desired kinks, I will never personally kink shame anyone.

  • What if I have to cancel?

    Unfortunately life has a way of getting in the way of fun at times. Please review my CANCELLATION POLICIES and do your best to provide me with as much notice as possible. I do my best to be flexible and accommodating for reschedule requests, but your deposit is non refundable.

  • Why don't you show your face?

    I love being Amber, and I hide my face not for lack of beauty, but to preserve my (and your) discretion. Sadly the world does not revere companions with the same regard I do, and I would hate to have any future opportunities taken away due to stigma or discrimination.

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