Policies & Etiquette

mind your manners

Manners maketh man, and I find an exceptionally well mannered man to be the most attractive of all. I require all of my suitors to treat me with the respect I deserve — below are a few small yet important policies I expect you to follow. Be a gentleman, and I’ll be your leading lady.


My rates are final & non-negotiable -- please be sure to double check my fee before connecting. I will at no point during the booking process or our time together. I accept CashApp, Venmo, Paypal, Bitcoin & Ethereum. Do note that Cryptocurrency does take a while to be received, and if choosing to pay with this method I highly suggest sending it ahead of our meeting time.


Please provide my compensation in an unsealed envelope within the first few minutes of meeting, unless previous digital payment have been arranged. A lady should never have to ask, and it would be a shame to start our tryst off on the wrong foot.

If we are connecting in public, I suggest providing my envelope in a book, greeting card, or small gift bag to preserve discretion.


I require screening for all new clients. My screening process is to verify your legitimacy & for my safety as well. If you’re unable to screen, I am unable to see you for a date. Deposits are not a substitution for providing screening information. If for any reason I feel we are an incompatible match during the booking or screening process, I will respectfully decline your date invitation.


For screening, I require my booking form completed using the built in screening options. I encourage you to review my SCREENING OPTIONS to choose the method that best suits your needs.


I require 25% non-refundable deposit from all new suitors and may require it for returning suitors at my discretion. This is to ensure only serious inquirers are reaching out & that I can recoup my investment on hosting and my time should our engagement fall through.


In the rare instance that I have to cancel or reschedule our time together, I will return your deposit via the method paid or roll it over to our next date.


Deposits can be made through Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, Amazon gift card or an e-Gift Card of my choice.


Within 48 Hours: 50% Of My Rate as a Cancellation Fee

Within 24 Hours: 100% Of My Rate as a Cancellation Fee

I understand life happens and unexpected things can get in the way of your plans. If that’s the case, please contact me ASAP if you are unable to make it to our date.

I try to be as accommodating in these circumstances: you have the option to immediately pay my cancellation fee and reschedule our date within 10 days time frame, then fee will be deducted from our date! Failure to pay my cancellation fee will result in you being permanently unable to book me & reported to blacklist sites.

Please remember that when you cancel our date, I have to refund hosting arrangements and rearrange my entire schedule; it’s a stressful inconvenience. Please be a gentleman and send the cancellation fee without reminders or hassle - it is greatly appreciated. Payment can be made via CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, Bitcoin or Amazon GiftCard.


Video recording, filming, or picture taking of me is not tolerated whatsoever.

Everything we share with each-other including personal contact information, private conversations, and intimate interactions must be kept between ourselves.

This includes a strict no review policy

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